Kritika Global allows trades for most items enabling player to gain more Diamond and Quartz.
Allowing trade for most items is part of an effort to revitalize trades in games, ultimately stabilizing Tokenomics. Player can use Diamond or Quartz to purchase most merchandise that was previously purchased with real cash, and the items bought are available to trade through Trade center or through a one-on-one trade. Kritika Global offers such an environment where player can acquire currencies or items by playing games. Such that, a considerable scale of currencies would be circulated, leading to be a healthy Tokenomics.
General trades take place in Trade center in-game, and Player can buy or sell merchandise with Diamond. The transaction of confirmed buyer can be made peer-to-peer, using Diamond also.
Both types of trade are charged for 5% fee depending on the price (Diamond). The amount of the fee will be eliminated from the environment after the trade ended.
As NFT-related features are added later, players will be able to trade items via not only Trade center in-game but also an external NFT exchange.
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