Player can convert Quartz to KRX from C2X station.
Quartz can be earned through specific content. It is a currency with a limited daily amount for each character. It is able to be used to buy enhancement materials, random boxes, consumables in game, and other combat power related items.
Quartz can be acquired regularly from completing Missions (daily or weekly) or Arena play. The amount of daily mission depends on combat power limit. The more the daily mission, the more total amount of Quartz. Player can make profit by exchanging Quartz with Kritika main token, KRX.
In addition, Quartz is a basic currency to improve combat power. To raise combat power is a base activity for gaining more currencies in game; therefore Quartz needs to be spent for higher combat power.
Merchandise purchasable with Quartz cannot be bought with Diamond or via in-app purchases. This is clearly defined in an effort to maintain the currency’s unique identity.
Quartz is daily generated for specific amount only by players’ activities. The manager, developer, or company has no share except the minimal amount required for a test. The entire amount used for a test will be eliminated after the test.
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