Player can convert Diamond to C2X at the C2X station.
Diamond can be acquired from combat ranking rewards, Siege War rewards, or winning a prize of PvP tournaments. The higher rank, the more Diamond is given. As Kritika Global allows transactions for most items, one-on-one trades via Trade center are considered very important. Diamond is used as one of basic currencies for transaction playing a major role in Tokenomics. A new place to spend it will be added in the future.
Player can convert Diamond to C2X, a token listed on the central exchange, to earn profit.
Diamond is regularly generated only by players’ activities. The manager, developer, or company has no share except the minimal amount required for a test. The entire amount used for test will be eliminated after the test.
Merchandise purchasable with Diamond cannot be bought with Quartz or via in-app purchases. This is clearly defined in an effort to maintain the currency’s unique identity.
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