There was a young alchemist in the city of Leon in Kirenos. Named Alki, the alchemist introduced a glass bottle of peculiar-lit liquid to the world. He made most things real only wizard could do until that time such as earth, fire, wind, and water by simply changing a disk linked to the glass bottle. It was greatly lauded by people because his experiment proved that ordinary people can use magic if one wants to with his invention, just like a wizard.
Wizards at the moment treated the invention, Lapisium, simply as a transient, but the influence was tremendous as a result. Lapisium was not the replacement of the magic but took a place as a versatile power source. And its competence even revolted the civilization of medieval paradigm, opening new era.
The existing powers who want to take over the power of Lapisium began confronting each other with Alki. War was obvious, and there were countless casualties. Meanwhile Alki jumped to the opportunity to take Kirenos over, making 13 Guardians, his own knight order and eliminated the vested powers of Leon city and also wizards of Kirenos continent.
In the end, the republic system ended in Kirenos, and new dictatorship by Alki was started. Now the people's only hope is waiting hero to liberate people from the tyranny.