Coin Ecosystem

Diamond can be traded for XPLA, and it is currency necessary in game. Player can use Diamond only and XPLA token is not something to use directly in the game. Diamond is the main currency used for trade, which is the key idea of Kritika Global. It is also used to buy items in game from its exclusive shop for Diamond.
Player can use Diamond as follows:
  • Purchase the item from Diamond exclusive shop: Player can buy items in game from Diamond exclusive shop.
  • Random box: Player can buy specific key to open the exclusive random boxes with Diamond such as costume, side costume, Wappen, transformation, or mount box.
  • Trade center or one-on-one trade: Diamond is used for trades via Trade center or one on one. Either through Trade center or individual trade is charged by set fee. One-on-one trade requires an additional charge. Both are used with Diamond.
  • XPLA convert at XPLA GAMES station
KRX is utility token used in the XPLA ecosystem, and it composes Kritika Global ecosystem.
To use KRX in game, conversion between KRX and Quartz is necessary. The Quartz converted can be used only in the game. If anyone wants to transfer it to another wallet, it should be convert to KRX.
Quartz is an essential currency to enhance combat power and widely used in various ways also.
  • Purchase from Quartz exclusive shop: Quartz is used to buy various items for improve combat power of character such as enhancement stone, other consumables).
  • Random box: Player can buy specific key to open the exclusive random boxes with Quartz such as card collection, emblem.
  • Conversion to KRX via XPLA
In-app payment enables to pay the price of merchandise and get product that offers greater convenience.
Merchandise which can be purchased with Quartz, Diamond, or in-app payment is clearly defined exclusively each other to maintain currency unique identity.