Kritika Global is a redesigned version of a previous super action MORPG game called Kritika in a way that is suitable for P2E and Blockchain technology. Although it is based on the current MORPG genre, totally new access to Tokenomics is now possible.
In the early stages, online RPG enabled a large volume of multiple-user-based transactions in their economies. However, in reality, the players are little allowed to buy or sell in those online RPGs even though the values they earned are the result of spending their time and money, because of the supervision reason of the gaming firm. Kritika Global has been designed not only to help players break free from such situation by allowing them to gain rewards for their hard work, but also to freely purchase items with the currencies they earned maintaining their asset values.
This project by Kritika Global provides Play-To-Earn environment where a player can earn on the basis of well-proven gameplay since 2013 as well as of XPLA platform. Diamond, Quartz, and other currencies, gained from the game mostly, are tradable between players. Player can exchange Diamond for XPLA and Quartz for KRX at the XPLA GAMES station.


Alki, a genius alchemist but notorious tyrant, creates a new energy source called Lapisium through his own experiment. Lapisium brings a huge innovation into the continent of Kirenos, and Alki starts to take control of the land.
Alki seizes power and starts cruelly oppressing and persecuting people who stand against him. Kirenos eagerly longs for hero who will punish the evil power and bring peace to the land.


The team members of Kritika Global are well-experienced with games also having great insights, and Tokenomics design specialists take part in this project to help establishing the stable ecosystem. With long years of service experiences and know-how of the developer of ALLM and its personnel, players will be able to enjoy services satisfied.


Kritika Global has been originated from the proven game for its high satisfactory level by over 20 Million subscribers during about nine year services. We are sure that Kritika Global will be even more competitive in new P2E game market.
Kritika Global is in a more stable position based on years of service experiences and abundant contents accumulated for long time. Organically connected contents allow creating or consuming the currencies in a natural way.
Player gains currencies by putting in time and effort. However, in many cases, online RPG does not allow transactions between and among players for the convenience of the game management. Mostly, the currencies earned were not treated as an asset. Kritika Global is putting efforts to secure the asset value of the players and to defend autonomy in the transactions between players by minimizing intervention from the developer. To this end, Kritika Global has allowed transactions of most items and dramatically reduced untradeable sales items.
Kritika Global that has its own Tokenomics structure in which most economic structure is realized has a goal not only offering original gaming pleasure of RPG but giving players to earn values through the trading actively.
Kritika Global is focused on making the players’ efforts more valuable. Getting involved in the flow of the currencies would be more enjoyable and this is our goal.
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