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  • Procedure of creation of an account for C2X Station and setting
  1. 1.
    Search 'C2X Station' through your internet search (example: Google) and install it. Or go to proper store (below links) fit your phone.
C2X Station - Apps on Google Play
2. After installed, connect to C2X Station and create new Wallet for you.
3. Input Wallet Name, Password by the rule, if then, you can get Seed words. (Important! note this) the Seed words are unique values(keys like password) only for your Wallet account just created, therefore YOU MUST SAVE it at another method your own and don't let those know to others.
After saved your keys, push [I have written down my seed] button to move confirming your Seed words screen.
4. Input proper words from your Seed words as the answers. The given words would be randomly, so check carefully.
Select [Confirm and finish].
5. After your Wallet was created, push [Explore the C2X Station] button to move to main screen of C2X Station.
  • How to add KRX token to C2X Station
  1. 1.
    Select [Add tokens] at Wallet main screen
2. Select the search symbol or address, and input ‘KRX’
3. Check the KRX right checkbox to active then x to close
4. Now you can check amount of your KRX token (if you have) from there
  • How to convert CTX ↔ Diamond / KRX ↔ Quartz
  1. 1.
    Click [Convert] button to move the convert menu, then select Kritika Global
2. After procedures of Privacy Policy, Age permission check (Or Agree to All) then [Confirm]
3. Close the Privacy Policy agreement window
4. Choose [Kritika Global] on your Convert list
5. Do SMS certification to link to Hive account.
6. Log in with the Hive Membership account to be linked. (You can create an account on the Kritika Global official website
7. If you are logging in with your Hive account, enter your account information.
8. When you log in to your Hive account for the first time, after agreeing to the use of personal information, click the [Start Game] button.
9. Choose a world (your server) to proceed your Convert. (Not need your channel or character name)
10. Choose a currency to proceed your Convert 7-1. C2X -> Diamond 7-2. Diamond -> C2X 7-3. KRX -> Quartz 7-4. Quartz -> KRX
Input amount you wish to exchange, then Next to finish this procedure
  • Converting currencies (Diamond or Quartz <-> C2X or KRX) has daily limit. Your daily limits are expanded if you have Premium service in your game account.
Diamond to
Quartz to
Non Premium
For Premium
  • Whereas there is no daily limit for converting from C2X/KRX token to Diamond or Quartz.
  • A few countries don’t support the convert function.
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